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You have selected Journey Two - the MOOD journey 

You like to be able to enjoy life but, life can be stressful, challenging, or dull at times. Your feelings can influence your food choices and what you do. You may have experienced times when you struggled with your well-being in the past and when things are difficult, you sometimes choose food and drink that makes you feel better at the time, even if that choice is less healthy.

Comfort food

You may eat differently when life is stressful, or boring. This might mean eating or drinking more, snacking or choosing foods that make you feel better. There may be particular foods that help you feel better on a bad day or which are your weakness, or something you know is your guilty pleasure.

Routines and habits

You may be quite active at times, but for you, this might not be part of a routine. You understand healthy eating and drinking; but may have developed a few less healthy habits over time, which help you cope with daily life. While you could make changes, you may feel you don’t have the time or energy to start or maintain the change.

What’s important to you?

You may have an event, new job, or new partner that motivates you to want to change things. For you, there will have been something, whether it is clothes not fitting or a photo from the past that has made you decide something needs to change. Your health is important to you, and you may have known your weight was creeping up, but if you have been feeling fine you may have chosen to ignore it until now.

Food or drink may be an important part of your social life. So, you may want to lose weight in a way that allows you to continue what you enjoy doing.

Your journey starts here

You can use Healthy Weight Healthy You to set goals that will work for you. This website can provide practical advice and tips to help make a healthy lifestyle and managing your weight enjoyable and achievable. It can help you find ways to develop healthier habits and a routine that fits your life in a way that allows you to still enjoy a great social life. Making this work for you will help you to keep focused, feel more in control, and feel more ‘you.’ 

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