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Making changes to our lifestyle can seem easier with the right support around us. It’s important that you get the support you deserve and know how to ask those around you for it.

Friends and family

Sharing your goals with close friends and family may not be at the top of your to-do list but telling the people around you what support works best for you will help them to understand what you need. It might be that you’d like their support after dinner when you’ve scheduled a walk, rather than them asking you if you’d like to watch something on the TV, for example.


The same applies in the workplace, you might need to ask your colleagues for help at break times and lunch times too. You may want to ask your colleagues not to offer you cakes and biscuits when someone has bought them to share. You may also want to see if a colleague at work would like to walk with you during your lunch break.

Healthcare professionals

You can talk to your GP or practice nurse about your journey too. It can be useful to think about what questions they might ask you, so you are prepared. You may be asked about your:

  • Lifestyle - including what you eat and drink (including alcohol); how active you are and if you smoke
  • Motivation - about how you feel about your weight and if you are motivated to make changes to support healthy weight loss
  • Family history
  • Possible causes e.g., if you are taking any medication

Your GP may also weigh you and take your height to calculate your BMI.  They may ask for further tests such as checking your blood glucose levels, blood pressure and or blood cholesterol.

Remember to think about any questions you may have too and make a note of these.

Support groups

Your GP should also be able to suggest local support groups that you may want to attend. Attending support groups can help you meet people who are going through the same thing as you, you’ll have the same aims, and you’ll likely share some of the same setbacks too. Attending support groups can be a good way to help maintain motivation. If you don’t want to ask your GP, you can find out more about support groups here.

Continue your journey

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