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It’s normal to find it harder to stick to our goals when we’re around family and friends. When trying to develop healthier routines, sometimes social situations can make us feel nervous. Planning ahead can help us feel more confident and stay on track, so we don’t miss out.

Use a food diary

We know that self-monitoring can be a great way to measure progress. By keeping a record of what you’ve eaten, you can plan your meal out with friends. If you're eating out at a restaurant, you could view the menu online before you get there.




Think about your drink

Alcoholic drinks contain calories too. Sometimes when we drink alcohol, we may make different food choices. Try drinking glasses of water between each drink and eating your meal before or with your drinks. You can find support on our drinks page.

Ask for support

Sharing your goals with our family and friends can help us to feel more supported. You may want to ask for their help in choosing what to eat or trying a new healthier recipe together.

Sometimes your family and friends, who often mean well, may ask you to eat or drink more than you would like. See the getting the support need page for more help.




Remember, don’t be too hard on yourself

Seeing family and friends in social situations can help to boost our mood. Remember, your new healthy routines are here to stay for good, so it’s important to be comfortable in social settings. If you go off track, try not to be too hard on yourself. 


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