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Why is being active important?

Being active helps not only your body but also your mind.

Doing physical activity that you enjoy can:
•    Make you feel good
•    Give you a sense of purpose
•    Lower tension and stress
•    Improve your mood
•    Increase your confidence

All these things support wellbeing and can help you stay motivated as you manage your weight. 

Feeling low can affect our motivation to get active. Starting can be hard, but it’s important to try, even small bouts of activity help. If we aren’t active, we risk getting stuck in a cycle where we avoid doing physical activity or the things we usually enjoy because we feel low. But this avoidance can actually make us feel worse. 


Getting the most out of being active

Our relationships and social connections are vital for supporting good mental wellbeing. Taking part in physical activity with other people can be a good way to connect with others and get support to help you cope with day-to-day challenges.

Being active outdoors brings even more benefits. Spending time in nature is known to protect wellbeing. When in natural environments, such as parks, woodlands, and beaches, it can also increase the opportunities for you to move more. 

Even small increases in physical activity levels can make a big difference to how we feel. Think about small changes you could make; for example putting music on while you do the housework might help you move more, taking stairs instead of the lift, or walking to the local shop instead of driving - this will benefit you and the environment. 

Having a mental health condition can impact the type of physical activity you are able to do. For example, certain medications can affect your body and energy levels, and people who experience panic attacks may find breathlessness distressing. It may help to talk to a medical professional you trust before embarking on new activities.   

Wherever you are starting from, anything you can do to be active regularly is good

Find what physical activity is realistic for you and involves doing something you enjoy.

  • What do you enjoy that gets you moving?
  • Can you do a few (more) minutes each day?

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